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Children are a great blessing of Allah Almighty. The role of parents in the education and training of children is very crucial. If parents train their child well, then s/he will surely become a useful citizen. S/he will become a valuable asset not only to the society but also for her/his family. The gist of a hadith is “The best gift a father gives to his child is good education and training”. That is why we must pay full attention to the education and training of our children.

In the past, although the parents were not educated much, but they have paid close/great attention to the training of their children. It is usually said that mother’s lap is the first center of learning for a child.

Given the importance of education, teachers have been given the status of spiritual parents. The school provides education as well as training to the child, so that s/he can become a useful member of society.

Today is the age of modern technology. Now the availability and children’s access to TV, media, and cell phones, has also increased their chances of getting ill mannered, uncultured and spoiled. So, now there has been an increase in parental responsibilities for educating and training their children. Parents should keep a close eye on their children, be sure to have information about their friends, and keep reviewing their academic affairs as well. Parents should also visit their children’s teachers from time to time, so that they are well informed about the progress of their children.

But nowadays most parents spare very little time for their children. After sending their children to school, they put all the responsibility on teachers’ shoulders, and they themselves become idle, irresponsible of their children’s training and education. Even if the teachers ever ask the parents to visit school and get informed and counseled about their child, parents find it difficult to spare some time for their child’s school. They always say that they are working hard to earn for their children, so they are unable to find time to visit the child’s school. They don’t get it that their real wealth are their children.

If children do not receive adequate attention at home, they may choose improper ways to get attention. In this way, they may even ruin their personality by falling prey to bad and dangerous company/people. They may also lose their conduct and the respect of parents will also be diminished from their hearts slowly and gradually. This behavior of children can cause a lot of trouble and stress for parents.

Dear parents! Remember that the responsibility of training of your children is way more important than your professional responsibilities. Children need more of your attention and time than your money. You work tirelessly for your children, but also spare some time necessarily to train and discipline your children. You must have to visit their school and meet their teachers from time to time. If children are facing any academic difficulty than you can help them in a better way under the guidance of teachers.

You should also ask about your child’s friends from the teachers so that you are well aware about the company of your child. A child can fall prey to wrong people due to his/her innocence and very young age. He may come under the influence of smooth and sweet talk of terrorists. He may also be addicted to drugs. It is also possible that when you come to know about these things, it will be very late by that time.

So, it is necessary for you to give proper time to your children and continuously provide your guidance to them. Be friends with your children so that they will not hide anything from you.

Start thinking about how much time you want to spend with your children and how to train them.

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